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Menus are a centerpiece for the food industry. Showcasing your food and beverages in a manner that shows creativity and moulds in nicely with the ambience of your business. If you are indecisive about what type of Menu you would like, come see us at the Studio and we can showyou different types of examples of our past work.

The types of Menus can start from a simple design to something more complex. Design prices are catered towards how much information and detailing goes into each menu.

  1. Drinks list- Cocktail menu on a DL size
  2. Placemat menus
  3. A4 menus
  4. Stapled Menus
  5. Folded Menus
  6. laminate menus
  7. Table talker menus
  8. wall menus
  9. Bar menus that can be turned into indoor signs