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How to Design the perfect Business cards

We know how tricky it can be to design a business card that will appeal to your target audiences, so we conducted biometric research to try to determine what makes the perfect business card and pulled together with all our findings.
To help you further in your mission to create the ultimate business card, we have gathered a few of our top design tips and created a new template based on the findings of our research.
You can find more information about our business card sizes, paper stocks and finishes on our dedicated buisness cards page.

Top Tips for Designing the Perfect Business Card

•    The brain processes colours before words and shapes, so if you want the recipient to focus on the text straight away a classic white business card design may be most effective.
•    Opt for a no-frills approach. Less is more!
•    Use a font that is easy to read.
•    Space out your text.
•    Only include necessary information. Don’t overload your business card.
•    Don’t let your logo take over – 25% of the card space is recommended.

Best Colours for Business Cards:

1.    White – Crisp and classic
2.    Yellow – Evokes optimism and cheerfulness
3.    Green (deep shades) – Evokes prestige
4.    Peach – Calming and harmonious
5.    Blue – Versatile and universally favoured. Conveys reliability and trustworthines

The right business cards mould the foundations of a positive impression and a long-lasting customer relationship. At The M|C we have made it very simple offering a step by step format to create, design, select quantities and PRINT! Our business cards range of different cardstock, single sided or double. Let us help you design your dream card.We specialize in 2 sizes:

English Size (85mm x 55mm)

American Size (2inch x 3.5inch)

All our business cards range from 300-350 GSM.

Semi-gloss Business cards/ UK or USA

Ambience, Bright, Confidence, Dynamic, Electric, Funky, Grand, Hope, Impact, Jazzy, Kaput, Laudable, Manage, New, Oppulent,Playful,Quality,Radiant,Sassy,Tasty,Utopia,Vibrant,Wild,X0,Yolo and Zing.

                The power of a business card, think of all the emotive words you can use! 


Events, exhibition stands or in-store promotions- Business Cards are the ultimate marketing solution for companies who want to be noticed. Media Centre’s comprehensive Business cards design and fast track printing services you will be sure to make an outstanding impact on passers-by, without breaking the bank.

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