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Stickers & Label Printing

Design, Make & Print Custom Stickers

Using personalised stickers can boost your brands recognition and give your products, packaging and presentation an on brand and professional finish. Our range of stickers are available in two different shapes – square and rectangle

Whether you’re looking to create your own stickers to build your brand’s awareness, to use as prize giveaways at events or to perfect your gift-wrapping, stickers are one of our most versatile and creative products. Our quick, easy step-by-step ordering process makes ordering personalised stickers a breeze.

What Is the Best Way to Use My Stickers?

1) Packaging
If you make your own stickers, you’ve immediately got the finishing touch for perfect packaging. Seal a box with a sticker which reads “enjoy”, or personalise packaging with a sticker printed with your logo and the product description. Stickers showcasing your company colours will bring all packaging in line with the rest of your branding. A pop of colour from your sticker will go a long way to spruce up otherwise plain packaging!
Jars, boxes, bags, bottles, wrapping… however you decorate your product, add your brand’s touch to it. Not a product-based business? Placing them on your envelopes or correspondence cards will also add a quirky twist to your communications and instant recognition for your brand.

2) Address & Return Labels
Why not design your own stickers to create address labels which are unique to your brand? Use rectangle stickers to write the address of your customer on, or print your own address onto them as a Return Label. It’s a much funkier option than your standard label and a fantastic touch for your brand.
Simply leave enough room to scribble down your customers’ address when designing your sticker and you’ve got yourself another amazing way to promote your brand, delivered straight to your customer’s door!

3) Name Tags
Hosting an event? Attending a conference? Go old-school and create customised nametags that will spark introductions. Especially useful when there’s a gathering of people from lots of different companies and you want the conversation to start flowing. Choose fonts and colours that align with your brand and get talking!

4) Events
Getting people to your stand is always tricky at events. Draw in the crowds by handing out stickers to those who pass by your stand for them to whack on their bag, chest, folder… anywhere! As they move around the event others will notice and awareness of your stand will spread with minimal effort from you. Take a stash to your next big occasion and watch the interest pour in.

5) Promote a Sale
Stickers are perfect for attaching temporary pricing to your products when a sale is on. Use bright colours to attract attention and stick on labels, shelves or stands to inform your customers of the saving. Even without a sale on, stickers are the perfect way to price up your products or stick on menus.
Go one step further and make a sticker that simply reads “thanks” to pop on receipts to show customers your appreciation and create a lasting impression after purchase.
As our stickers are produced on flat sheets, they aren’t going to fit into a machine for automated sticker application. Our stickers are geared towards our small business audience who are after a cost effective way of enhancing their branding.

How to Remove Sticker Residue:
When you’ve been using a sticker for a long time, it can leave a sticky residue on the surface of whatever it is you’ve stuck it on.
Although it can be tempting to scratch it off with something sharp, this can cause damage to the surface of your products. To safely remove the residue, we recommend applying an acetone-based nail polish remover to a slightly damp cloth to gently roll the residue off. Use hot soapy water for any remaining residue.

Can I Write on My Stickers?

Your artwork will be printed on A4 label sheets on an adhesive silk paper. This means it is silky paper on one side and sticky on the other. You’ll be able to write on the paper side of your stickers easily with a pencil or ball point pen.